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After Disaster Cleaning Services

After Disaster Cleaning Services

Quick action is necessary to ensure personal safety and to avoid further damage caused by a disaster. This is where disaster cleaning service providers come in and take responsibility for the required work. One of these companies is After Disaster Cleaning – Montreal, which aims to ease the cleaning process after natural disasters. We guarantee quality-wise cleaning services with our extensive experience in property cleaning/clearing caused by fire damages and/or water damages.

After Disaster Cleaning– Montreal sets disaster cleaning standard for all disaster aftermaths like water damages, flooding, fire damages and emergency services. We cater all these services through our qualified personnel, technologically-advanced equipment, excellent expertise and proven procedures. Our cleaning team will be happy to clean and remove debris from any incident. We promise to only employ the right technique for every situation requested by our clients. Among these techniques are carpet cleaning specialties dry-out methods, renovation, document restoration and embedded and air-borne odour elimination. Other services we offer include vacuuming and floor washing, dusting of doors, walls and shelves, wash room hygiene, appliance cleaning, ceramic scrubbing, top to bottom cleaning, and cleaning fixtures.

With our expert, professional workforce and high quality cleaning equipment, any emergency call will be promptly attended and we will automatically deploy our staff any time and any day. We make sure that most of your property and other belongings will be replaced or repaired. We are prepared 24/7 for any disaster.

For smooth and efficient clean-up after any disaster, we share the following guidelines:

  1. Wait until safety is declared by emergency service before returning to business premises.
  2. Before you start cleaning, contact your insurance provider first to be guided on the proper approaches to follow.
  3. Make an estimate on the required repair work and cleaning to ascertain the number of employees, friends, volunteers or family members to carry out the task.
  4. Contact us if you are in search of volunteers to help with the cleaning process.
  5. Your local council can be of great help on viable information about curbsides pickup and cleaning.
  6. Minimize any theft incidence by placing undamaged stock in specific location you find secured.
  7. Call or contact the local council to learn whether an environmental health inspection is necessary in selling food

There are also other factors you have to consider before after disaster cleaning :

  1. See to it that gas and power are turned off first before cleaning.
  2. Only touch the power when the wiring, appliance, equipment and switchboard were inspected and verified by the appropriate bodies in charge.
  3. Ask a licensed gasfitter to inspect and damaged natural gas and LPG following the disaster.
  4. Stay safe and ensure that you are not putting your life and others at risk.
  5. Safety and health issues must be considered after calamities like storms, cyclones and flooding.

Call After Disaster Cleaning – Montreal first right after a disaster so as to limit the damages caused by the disaster. We can also be trusted in communicating your concerns to your insurance provider and in dealing with administrative and technical arrangements.

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